HVAC Unit Installation Tampa

AN HVAC Unit is a Necessity in Tampa

In most areas of Tampa, HVAC units are not simply a luxury, but a necessity during those hot summer days. When you are needing an HVAC Unit installation in Tampa, paying a little more for a better quality unit will provide you a unit that is quieter, better performing and ultimately saving you money on your power bill. So, obviously, the better the unit, the more outlay of cash and more savings down the road.

Choosing the Ideal Size HVAC System in Tampa

The HVAC unit you choose for your tampa home,  will be largely dependent on the size of your home or the area you want to cool. You should consult an ac repair professional and ask for their recommendation based on the square footage of your home.  AC units are measured in BTU’s, which is an indication of how much heat the unit can remove from your home. For example, a one ton unit can remove 12,000 BTU’s from your home. other things will factor in as well. For example, a basement will naturally be cooler than your living area upstairs. So, in this case you cannot rely on square footage alone.HVAC Unit Installation


Should You Hire an HVAC Unit Installer in Tampa

Tampa HVAC ContractorIt is possible to actually purchase a central unit through a wholesaler in Tampa and install the unit yourself, but is it really feasible? Not really. The level of skill required to install a central unit is more than likely out of your realm of expertise. You need to contact a qualified HVAC installation contractor in Tampa to install it for you. If may pay to shop around, since a complete HVAC installation can be expensive.

What Does an HVAC Unit in Tampa Cost?

If a basic unit will satisfy your needs, you can get by with a two-ton unit for around $3,000. A middle of the road unit will run around $5,000 and a top of the line hvac system can go as high as $10.00. If your home has never had an hvac system installed, you will have to plan for added expenses such as new breaker boxes and new duct work connecting to your hvac system.

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